Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Weigh-in Wednesday: 2/11/15

Another week, another setback.

Last Wednesday, I weighed 121.4 pounds.  I was encouraged when my weight was down to 120.2 on Thursday.  I didn’t weigh myself again until today.  I’ve had to adjust my belt by one notch, so I knew it wasn’t going to be good news.  Still, it was disheartening to be up to 122.8.

Last fall I resolved to get my weight down to 118.  I made good progress at first, dropping to 120 before hitting a plateau.  Now I’m nearly five pounds from my goal.  My recent setbacks have been a reminder that even maintaining my weight is difficult when I’m going out of town every weekend.

Most weeks, I’m out of town for three days and home for four days.  I usually gain a pound or more during the three days that I’m out of town.  Partly, that’s because I’m eating restaurant meals.  Partly, it’s because two of the three days are rest days.  I’m getting extra exercise on race day, but I usually eat enough to compensate.  That still leaves me with two days of big meals and no exercise.

When I’m home, it’s easier to maintain my weight, but it still takes diligence to lose weight.  At best, I’m going to lose one pound during the week.  If I get complacent, I don’t lose anything.

To lose weight overall, I need to limit my gain on the weekend to less than a pound.  That takes more restraint than I’ve demonstrated recently.  Lately, I haven’t shown enough restraint on the road, and I’ve also been too complacent when I’m home.  The result is that I gain weight each weekend, but don’t lose it during the week.

I need to rethink my diet.

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