Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Weigh-in Wednesday: 4-8-15

It’s been two months since I last had a weigh-in Wednesday post.  I haven’t stopped weighing myself.  I just didn’t have anything new to say.  After initially making progress toward my goal of 118, I hit a plateau.  When I was traveling to races every weekend, I couldn’t lose more weight during the week than I gained on the weekends.  Often, I couldn’t even break even.  My weight was bouncing between 120 and 122.

This week, I had an encouraging weigh-in.  I dropped to 119.4 pounds.  That’s down from 121.6 last week.

I didn’t have a race last weekend.  That allowed me to make progress on my weight.  Aside from eating fewer restaurant meals, I also had the opportunity to continue my training through the weekend.  Today was the 10th consecutive day that I ran at least once.  During that span, I ran 111 total miles.  I also did a few weight training workouts.

Today I leave on a five day trip to Austria for the Vienna City Marathon.  I’m told that Vienna is a city where you always want to save room for dessert.  If it’s anything like Paris, I’ll gain weight.

I made progress while I had the chance.  For now, that’ll have to do.

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