Monday, April 11, 2016

My Legs Are Getting Stronger

Over the weekend, I noticed some improvement in my legs.  I can finally lift and carry (moderately) heavy objects without feeling like my left leg is going to buckle.  Stairs are getting easier too.

I had physical therapy today.  As usual, Ben and I discussed my progress over the last week and my plans for the next week.  Ben gave me a few new exercises and had me discontinue a few others, which were getting easy.

The new exercises are aimed mainly at rebuilding strength in my glutes.  One of them is this single leg deadlift.  My friend Sabrina calls this one “bird feeder.”  Initially, I’ll be doing this motion without any weight.

I’m also adding two forms of cross-training on the days I’m not running.  A few months ago, I had to discontinue my weight training because my leg extensions were inflaming my right adductor.  I’m finally ready to resume weight training, but I’ll have to start over with significantly less weight.  Leg extensions and leg curls will help me build the strength I need to run faster.  Right now, my legs just don’t give me any power.  The last time I tried to sprint, it was slower than the pace I used to run marathons.  Upper body exercises will help with another problem.  My arms and shoulders get tired during long runs.

Besides the weight training, I’ll also do cross-training on a rowing machine.  It’s a full-body aerobic workout, but there’s no impact, so it’s easier on my joints.

Nothing I do this week is going to help prepare me for Boston.  At this point, I’m looking at the things I need to do to for long-term improvement.  Eventually, I’d like to bring my marathon times back down.

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